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Clock Wireless Charger

Clock Wireless Charger

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     Simple Device can Safeguard your                         well-being!


  Are you risking your safety by overlooking the LED Electric Alarm Clock?

   Did you know that neglecting a reliable alarm clock could expose you to unforeseen dangers? The LED Electric Alarm Clock not only wakes you up but also doubles as a crucial safety tool.

 Imagine waking up every morning feeling secure and prepared for the day ahead. With the LED Electric Alarm Clock, you can bid farewell to missed appointments and chaotic mornings.


         Invest in the LED Electric Alarm Clock today!

Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging support to charge your smart devices, convenient for you to place and charge your phone at the same time. The built-in Wireless Charging pad is compatible with all phones supports wireless charging so you can rest your device on top for easy charging with no wires.

Compared with the old version of 3-level dimming, this new version digital alarm clock has more clear LED digits with 5 level range dimmable, you can easily adjust to your favorite brightness level, no more shining display at night for those who are very sensitive to light when sleeping.


         Don't gamble with your safety any longer!

       Peace of mind that comes with knowing you're always on time and well-prepared....


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