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Turbine Washer

Turbine Washer

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                  Suitable for Personal Laundry during Travel!


       What can mini washing machine do?

 Do portable washing machines use a lot of electricity?


 They efficiently clean smaller loads of laundry, without compromising on performance. They're cost-effective, saving water and energy compared to larger washing machines. Since these devices are portable, mini washers allow users to launder clothes on the go, perfect for travellers and campers. 


   Compared to standard washing machines, portable versions significantly cut down on the amount of electricity and water you use.


                             Portable Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine with USB for Home,  Business, Travel, College Room,Turbo Washer for Cleaning  Sock,Underwear,Small Rags


    What are the benefits of portable washing machine?


  • This mini washing machine is made of nontoxic , , corrosion resistant ABS and TPR materials, will last for years.Water-saving and energy-saving, perfect for your lightweight personal laundry.
  • Easy to Use]use a washing bucket or small tub (not included) and attach the washer using the magic suckers to the side of the bucket. Fill bucket with proper amount of water (around 10qts of water/washer works more efficient when it is closer to the surface of water) soak clothes with proper amount of water and pour appropriate amount of your preferred scrubbing liquid. Once you connect the laundry power, press remote to begin combo cycle.


                                        USB Mini Washing Machine Portable Ultrasonic Turbine Laundry Washer Travel  Home | eBay

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