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Steamer Soup Pot

Steamer Soup Pot

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It's Time to Upgrade to the Ultimate kitchen!




   What are the Disadvantages of Traditional   Cook Stove?

With a poor thermal efficiency, the traditional cook stove has several disadvantages which are associated with deforestation, troublesome and highbiomass collection time, indoor air pollution and health impact and climate change.

These stoves are very inefficient because they have poor air flow and insulation. As a result, they consume a lot of biomass and produce high levels of indoor air pollution.




           A versatile Appliance that Effortlessly Handles all                                    your Cooking Needs.

  • This fry pan uses a food-grade non-stick coating, which not only prevents food from sticking better than uncoated cookware, but is also easier to clean after cooking. Wipe the inner pot first and then rinse briefly with water. Do not allow the shabu pot completely in water to avoid short circuit. For the plastic shell part, you can use a damp towel with dish soap and simply wipe it.It saves 70% of water and wash time, improving your cooking efficiency.
  • This multifunctional cooker has a temperature control function (200W and 600W), so you can adjust cooking powers according to your different cooking needs. The maximum power output is 600W, which can heat food faster and more efficiently. It also has over-heating protection and boil dry protection functions. This ramen cooker allows you to enjoy delicious meals while ensuring the safety of the cooking process.




          Don't put your safety and culinary adventures                                                 at risk!

Get your hands on the Multifunctional Electric Cooker today and revolutionize your cooking experience. Trust us; once you try it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!


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