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Neck Fan Portable

Neck Fan Portable

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        360 Minutes of Continuous                           Cooling!



        Save you from the Embarrassment of               Dripping Sweat...

  • The unique design of the portable neck fan is inspired by earphones. It only needs to be hung around the neck to free your hands, and it looks so cool & fancy. With a decentralized annular air outlet, you can feel cool breeze in any directions, perfectly to eases all the sultry heat..
  • The food-grade silicone material be added to the middle body of the portable fan, which is effective in anti-skid and friendly to the skin. The width and angle of the fan can be adjusted freely, and it is not easy to break. It is very suitable for outdoor sports, such as mountain climbing, walking, cycling, camping, traveling.


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  What is the Benefit of Portable Neck Fan?

A neck fan, unlike traditional fans, can keep you cool when you're on the go. When a traditional room fan would be ineffective a neck fan comes in handy. These portable fans, as the name implies, are worn around the neck and direct a gentle yet strong breeze to the face and head


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