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Gun Water Washer

Gun Water Washer

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   Are you tired of wasting time and money                            at the car wash?

        How much do people spend on car                                  washes per year?

Are services like wheel shining and spraying on wax worth the extra cost to help protect your car? You can definitely skip most of them. They may make your car look nice, but they'll wear off fast. However, there is one car wash extra you should buy once in a while: an undercarriage wash.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans spend roughly $5.8 billion per year on carwashes. In terms of carwash usage, 47% of consumers wash their vehicles every couple of months, 24% wash their vehicles more than once a month and 4% visit the carwash once a week or more.Nov 17, 2022



           Learn the RIGHT way to care for your vehicle and avoid Spending Money...

Our hydro jet power washer wand is made of solid copper interfaces, a metal wand, a thickening switch, and an anti-slip handle, ensuring it is corrosion and rust-resistant. Its solid design and advanced materials make it resistant to rust, deformation, and rupture over time.

 Whether you need a high pressure jet stream to clean cars and concrete sidewalks or a soft water shower to water your garden.Laopypor hydro jet high pressure power wash washing products have you covered.This Hydro jet power washer wand can be used for cleaning wood sidewalks, car, bricks, rocks, car wheel, truck, campers, boats, windows.


      Take control of your car care TODAY!

                           30-days return service. If you have any questions or anything you feel unsatisfied, just feel free to contact us,

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