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Foot Hot Compression

Foot Hot Compression

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 Muscle Relaxation Pain Relief!

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          Why do You Have Muscle Pain in Your Foot?


Injuries to the muscles and tendons of the foot, unsupportive shoes, and overuse may cause pain in the arch of the foot. Conditions that affect the heel, such as plantar fasciitis and tendinitis, may also cause foot arch pain. For some people, fallen arches cause foot arch pain.

 Foot pain can lead to trouble getting around, which can cause weight gain, weakness, and worse heart function. Up to 87 percent of people have painful feet at some time in their lives for many different reasons. One-third of older adults has foot pain, stiffness, or aching feet.




 The massager provides a deep kneading shiatsu technique that improves circulation, blood flow to increase muscle recovery and help reduce inflammation. Equip with rotation ball, rolling stick, heat therapy, air compression for ultimate relaxation and recovery.

Our goal is to provide healthy and non-invasive alternatives for people who are dealing with everyday pains. We are devoted to making your experience the best it can be.




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