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Car Cleaning Tools

Car Cleaning Tools

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🚨 Don't Risk Your Car's Shine! 🚨


Are you tired of lackluster car wash results? 

  Neglecting proper car care can lead to costly damages and a dull appearance. Avoid scratches, swirls, and paint degradation!

• Reason #1 - If dirt, salt and/or bird poop stays on your car long enough, it will definitely ruin the paint, and make your car look horrible.

• Reason #2 - The appearance of your car is important because it can define a person's perspective of you. (I'm not sure if you care about what people think of you but,) It will make you come off as a dirty and unorganized person.

• Reason #3 - Not washing your car is the beginning of carelessness towards your vehicle. Once your stop washing it, you fall deeper into laziness about stuff like not vacuuming the interior nor adding oil in your car. It will make you start to hate your car, and that will lead to your car's demise.


         Introducing SEAMETAL's Car Wash Foam Sprayer:                             Your Ultimate Car Care Solution!

Invest in the SEAMETAL Foam Cannon today and safeguard your car's beauty!

Is it a good replacement for the two bucket method? Not really, but I got one for my HF pressure washer and it’s loads of fun to use and smells amazing. I’ve been using a dilution ratio of approximately 8:1 (16 oz water:2 oz Chemical Guys Watermelon Snow Foam.)

It’s a good prewash. It’s a good quick wash. It’s fun to do. Including the cost of my pressure washer the whole setup is maybe a little over $100. Can’t beat that!


         Say goodbye to mediocre car cleaning methods.                              Embrace excellence with SEAMETAL!


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